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Website Design Service

Website Design by 1st Class Media in Edinburgh

Website Design Service

1st Class Media have established itself as a client-focussed website design agency, so whatever your needs from a simple brochure site to promote your company or a database driven, e-commerce/e-business website to run your business, we are here to advise and help.

Our projects are developed to the highest quality and we employ a "best practice" approach for usability and accessibility and each site is tested for stability across the browser spectrum. Furthermore our website design projects are built to grow with your business.

1st Class Media have an established portfolio of websites designed for an array of diverse client types. We have clients spanning the following website types:

  1. Brochure style websites
    basic entry level website with simple needs
  2. e-Business websites
    Requires an in-depth range of services or products online
  3. e-Commerce websites
    A need to retail goods or services to B2B or B2C clients and need to
    allow transactions via the website

If you would like to start by clicking on the links above, you may find that your needs are met by one of the website types above. These are general categories and are only the starting point for website design.


For a more comprehensive idea of the price for your website design, please contact us either on the number at the top of the page or by completing our quote form here .


Website Designers

Getting a website designed either from scratch or as a redesign/revision to your existing web presence can be an onerous task particularly if you have no idea where to start. Things to look for in your web design supplier when looking for website design include:


Ongoing support and additional features for your website should be expected either at entry level or as an optional set, these include:


We would urge you to look at least three different sources and if needs be, use the finder service at the UKWDA (UK Web Design Association) to identify registered members (there are currently nearly 10,000 members to choose from!)


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